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Find A Hotel Close

find a hotel close

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Welcome to the pines hotel

Welcome to the pines hotel

Deep in the pine forest we find this old hotel closed for a long time ,this retro bar area was a real treat to find still with glass's and bottles inside. This was a scan from a postcard i found in the lobby area ,a 4 star complex and real large too .

On European madness tour with Niki Feijen, Rusty, Daanoe, ill-padrino, Photoportee, Silvercube, Shexbeer and Martin Widlund .a great time for sure with a first class crew from around Europe,Uk and Norway

Hotel Elguea

Hotel Elguea

When we first arrived at Hotel Elguea, with its dilapidated 1960s architecture and unkempt garden, we thought the place was closed. We found the staff, or what remained of them, killing time in the bar before the place is closed down for good. Apart from a middle-aged Dutch couple, we were the only guests and we spent the night smoking cheap cigars and mixing drinks with the bar staff.

find a hotel close

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