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Hotel 626 Elevator Code

hotel 626 elevator code

  • An elevator (or lift) is a vertical transport equipment that efficiently moves people or goods between floors (levels, decks) of a building, vessel or other structure.

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What's it like inside an elevator shaft

What's it like inside an elevator shaft

I think the building was 25 or so floors high. Basically you need to be able to get between the two cars without getting squished or falling. If there's a chicken wire between cars, then it is fail.

The car is on floor 12 (13 is not there) and we got on by using a door tool on floor 14, then stepping on the car top. We're just looking up the shaft.

If you get into a shaft that's shorter than 6-7 floors, it's lame though. 20+ stories get interesting. Faster the elevator, more fun it is.

Elevator Man

Elevator Man

This man ran this elevator for many years. I gave this photo to my attorney who had a doctor in that office building for many years. He was grateful for the gift.

hotel 626 elevator code

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